Building a Bridge That Leads to Success for 2013

Over the years we have heard of and read history of the many types of bridges there are in the world which we live in. Among those bridges, we have the suspension bridge, which has one of the longest distances of travel from 2,000 to 7,000 feet far longer than any other kind of bridge. Then there’s the arch bridge known for its curved arch, the cable stay bridge -one of the largest bridges in France, and the truss bridge which is one of the oldest types of modern bridges around. The Brooklyn and the Golden Gate bridge are among the most famous bridges around. However, they all have and are known for their uniqueness. To get from one end to the other of each one of these bridges, there must be a starting and finishing point.

In life, we too have bridges we must cross to reach our destinies of success.  Gen. 39:3-4

Success in life requires many elements but time must be taken to build, study, develop and prepare a strong foundation for your future. To build a bridge that leads to success in life you must have priority(God 1st), controlled anger(Be ye angry and sin not), integrity, discipline, forgiveness and favor. From all the above, a key thing to remember and know: that is, from time to time you will face a point in life where you experience failure or it may appear to be failure. This is when you must stand firm on Matt. 6:33, Proverbs 3:5-6. and Psalm 1:1-3.

In 2013, Choose to build a bridge that leads to a life of success now and in the future. Face the CHALLENGE & past the TEST!

Until next time……………Have a Wonderful & Prosperous New Year walking in the Expected, Accelerated Favor of God!

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